CA Fresh Club Membership

You’ve invested in Permanent Make-up and you are loving your enhanced beauty.
Now it’s time to protect your investment and ensure you stay in love with your PMU by keeping it FRESH!

PMU is a low maintenance treatment… not a NO maintenance treatment.
To keep it looking it’s best we recommend a colour refresh every 12 – 24 months.


and you will benefit from the following:

  • Low monthly payments eliminating the need to pay lump sums for future refresh appointments
  • Priority appointments available for FRESH CLUB members only
  • No financial penalties for rescheduling an appointment with short notice
  • Access to our FRESH CLUB members area where you can:
    • Track & manage your payments
    • Book onto 10 min video calls with Christine or her team to assess if/ when a refresh appointment is required
    • Book in for refresh appointments
    • Access exclusive FRESH CLUB member special offers

In order to ensure Christine can effectively deliver all aspects of the FRESH CLUB to an incredibly high level of service, places in the FRESH CLUB will be limited. Once it is full… it is full. Additional places will only be opened up if/ when members leave.










I want to join the CA FRESH CLUB but I will need a colour refresh before I make 12 months of payments. Can I still join?

Yes! Go ahead and join the club. We will deduct the amount of the club payments made from your colour refresh payment on the day of your appointment. Your club payments will then continue each month and will cover any future colour refresh appointments.

I’ve had 2 areas of PMU done at the studio (ie: Brows and Lips). Can I/ Should I sign up to the CA FRESH Club twice?

You are welcome to… but it’s likely unnecessary. Lip and eye treatments need refreshing less often than brows. Depending how well your skin retains pigment, and how well you look after your PMU, you may find that you can use your club membership to refresh one area one year, and the other area the next year. If you ever find that you need to refresh both areas within a 12 month period, you are welcome to pay for an additional Colour Refresh for one of the areas when required.

I am a member of the CA FRESH Club. Do I have to book in my colour refresh with Christine? Or can I book in with a studio artist?

You can absolutely book in with a studio artist. However, be sure to check the artist does the style of PMU you’ve had done (ie: not all artists at the studio offer the full hairstroke technique).

I want to join the FRESH Club but my original treatment wasn’t done by Christine or a studio artist or student. It was done by a different artist at a different company. Can I still join?

You will need to contact the studio and ask to book in for a consultation where we can have a look at your previous work and discuss options going forward.

I am a member of the CA FRESH Club. I originally had hairstroke brows, but I’d now like to convert to a shaded brow. Will this cost me more at my colour refresh appointment?

As a member of the CA FRESH Club, converting your brows to a different style is included in the membership however, we may need to book in extra time so please head to the FRESH CLUB members area and book in a 10 min call to discuss/ get booked in.

My circumstances have changed. Can I cancel my FRESH CLUB membership and receive a refund of the payments I have made to date?

You can cancel your FRESH CLUB membership at any time. If you cancel within the first 12 months, we will refund the payments you’ve made less a 15% admin fee. If you cancel after 12 months, we are not able to refund any payments, but you are of course welcome to come in for the refresh appointment you are entitled to, then cancel your membership if desired and no further payments will be taken.

I joined the FRESH CLUB during the introductory offer stage. If I cancel my membership then wish to re-join at a later date, will I get the introductory price again?

No. Once you cancel your membership, the introductory rate will be lost and while you are welcome to sign up again at a later date, it will be at the full price rate.